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Published by admin 2021-10-08

The Thainland customer LPR camera project installation .

When customer receivde the LPR camera , then installed directly without any setting at day. But find the car plate number can't see at night and not happy .

In fact, it's not LPR camera quality , it cause not doing the right setting .

The wrong setting lead to below picture show. the reason is that the speed mode is not adjusted and the WDR(CDS) is closed. A.the white light is off,or light sensor is triggered too late.the camera is still in day mode; B.the speed mode and WDR(CDS) have been changed.


After the customer doing the right setting according to the user manual

First, the mode should be “ROAD”

license plate reader

Second, go to the place where camera installed and check if the white lights are on or not when the car approaching.if not, adjust the CDS till the lights on.

license plate recognition

If the lights are on,adjust the speed and check if the plate number can be caught or not. If all these settings dont work. Restart the camera.

license plate camera

Finally, camera working well as below picture shows, and clients was happy again .

LPR camera

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