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Cctv camera’s basic function is working at night.why it can work at night?

Because of the ir lights. Several years ago,we used the ir light with wave length 850nm

When the cctv camera with 850nm ir light works at night,the night-vision will be black and white and the ir light is visible. The red light from lights is obvious to catch attentions.

People may wonder if there is an alternative choice:ir light works without red light?

Yes,we have another choice: ir light with wave length 940nm. This ir light will be invisible when it is working at night

if the camera housing is black and equips it with this 940nm ir light, the camera will be totally invisible at night, like hidden camera.

We make the camera with 8pcs lights, 4pcs of them are ir lights, the other 4pcs are with warm led lights. When everything is ok, the ir lights works and night vision is black and white; when something is detected moving in front of camera,the warm lights will turn on and night vision changes to colorful immediately

As you see we have cctv camera with 850nm ir light, cctv camera with 940nm light,cctv camera with warm/white led light, cctv camera with 850nn ir light and warm/white light. You may find another match missing, that is cctv camera with 940nm light and warm/white led light!

with this group of lights Cctv camera can be hidden at night and can be colorful when it is necessary

In recent years, consumers are not satisfied with the black and white night-vision any more. They are trying to find the camera with colorful night-vision. Then we are thinking how to make a camera with colorful night-vision? Finally we success in finding the solution. We make the cctv camera with warm led light or white led light. When the led light turns on the night vision will be colorful

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