Design of a 32 Channel Coaxial HD Camera and XVR Security CCTV System

Design of a 32 channel coaxial HD camera security system

Design of a 32 channel coaxial HD camera security system


1.Front end signal pickup:32 Channel 5MP AHD Bullet Camera,Dome Camera and PTZ Camera(Select different types according to the scene application)

2.Signal transmission:5  rolls RG 6(75-5) coaxial Cable,1500 meters in total.

3.Camera power supply:DC12V Power Adaptor or AC24&DC12 Dual Power supply

4.Video recorder:32 channel coaxial Input XVR

5.Video storage: 8TB WD Surveillance HDD

6.Terminal display: 43"Professional UHD 4K CCTV Surveillance Monitor

7.Network equipment:A router and apply for an internet account,In this way, you can view the video remotely through your mobile phone(or PC ) at any time and anywhere

Equipment Selection

  1. 1.Front end signal pickup:

  2. a.CCTV Camera shape Selection

  3. Dome camera or turret camera is selected for ceiling mounting,Bullet camera is selected for wall installation,For long distance and mobility, choose PTZ camera。

b.CCTV Camera Lens Selection

Fixed Lens 3.6mm,The CCTV camera lens determines the imaging size on the monitor. According to experience, the monitoring distance of the 3.6mm CCTV camera lens is about 7.2m, and people can see the face clearly when standing at 7.2m。If you want to see the face 16 meters away, choose 8mm fixed lens.

2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens, It can be adjusted according to the scene, see the face within 5.6-24 meters.

c.CCTV Camera Night Vision

black and white,Under the auxiliary illumination of 850nm or 940nm infrared lamp, the imaging of the camera at night is black and white.940nm infrared lamp without red burst.

Full Color,The camera uses F1.0 large aperture lens and high-quality sensor. There is no auxiliary light source at night, and the camera imaging is color.In addition, using warm light or white light as the auxiliary light source of the security camera, the security camera imaging at night is also color.

Variable,The security camera uses warm light and infrared light. When motion detection or human shape is detected, the warm light is on, and the image changes from black and white to color. When the video is still, the warm light is off, the infrared light is on, and the image changes from color to black and white。

2.Signal transmission:6  rolls RG 6(75-5) coaxial Cable,1500 meters in total

RG 6(75-5) coaxial Cable,Ahd camera video signal can be transmitted for 300 meters on pure copper wire with 128 copper wire braided shielding layer.

If the coaxial cable with poor quality transmits images over a long distance, it will lose color or even have no image.

3.Camera power supply:

Power Adaptor or AC24&DC12 Dual Power supply. Each camera is equipped with a power adapter. The input voltage of the power adapter is ac110v-ac240v and the output voltage is DC 12V.If the distance from the camera to the power source is more than 50m, a24v centralized power supply is adopted.

The thick wire of the power line diameter directly affects the power supply distance. The thicker the wire diameter, the farther the transmission.

4.Video recorder:

32 channel coaxial Input XVR,Hdmi HD Video & Audio Output.5MP Coaxial AHD,TVI,CVI,CVBS Video input.Two xvr video recorders, two monitors and a switch can also be used to replace the 32 channel video recorder

5.Video storage

Western Digital WD PURPLE Surveillance HDD or Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance HDD,Specially designed for long-term stable operation in the security monitoring system.

Ordinary computer hard disk cannot read and write 7 * 24h fast for a long time. If ordinary computer hard disk is used, the hard disk will be damaged or unable to record.

6.Terminal display: 

43"Professional UHD 4K CCTV Surveillance Monitor,The color, contrast and brightness are better than the general PC LED display or Smart TV, and the night vision effect is better.

7.Network equipment:

ADSL Router:PPPoE,DHCP Server, Port mapping,NAT,DDNS,With 4 Port Switch,Optical fiber access,Multi line access,Multilingual interface,

8.Surveillance Software:

Device Mange,General_DeviceManage_R140214.T.20200423,Search xvr, IP camera and NVR in the LAN, set the IP address of these devices, and upgrade the firmware of these devices

VMS,It can run on windows and MAC PC, view 64 monitoring devices at most on a single screen, and set xvr, IP camera and NVR in detail.

Player,Playback video in H.264, h265 format.

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