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Why shall we choose to customize?

  • Oem brand:
    Oem brand:
    Label customization, logo print on products/boxes, set booting up logo, packing box customization and so on. As you see it will be better to be owner of your own brand rather than being a representative of big brands; good product with good brand name(logo) will help you to spread brand influence and enhance your business.
  • Hardware Customization:
    Hardware Customization:
    Solution(XMEYE, CAMHI, MSTAR, AEYE...),PCB/Lens/light board camera case customization and so on. These are basic elements of a perfect camera. Hardware customization makes the camera very different from others. Base on this you can set price of camera flexible according to real situation in local market. so more profit will be available from each order.
  • Software customization:
    Software customization:
    Logo shows on CMS, Software, APP and browser interface. As we all know that everything with logo will be Unique one in this world; if software/app with your logo, it makes them distinguish from others, each time users open the software/app, logo will be show, an excellent way to advertise your brand.
  • Industrial camera customization:
    Industrial camera customization:
    Camera working as eye, is essential part in many different industries. different industries require different cameras, for example camera for bank, camera for laser melding company, camera for traffic industry. We offer camera customization service with special requests.

OEM Brand 

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), as a factory which is with a long history in assembling the cctv camera, we offer a whole set of OEM service.

  • Logo print
    Logo print
    All the Camera / DCR/NVR we could siik print logo for you in different color.
  • Lable
    You can offer your Brand and you model. We could design according to your requirement No MOQ, No extra Charge.
  • User Manual
    User Manual
    If you want your language's manual Please help us translate and we should print it for you.
  • Packing Box
    Packing Box
    You can offer your Brand and your requirement. We could customer-made box for you.
  • Packing Carton
    Packing Carton
    You can offer your Brand and your requirement. We could customenr-made Carton for you.


XVR,DVR,NVR Brand Logo and IP Camera APP Customization

  • ENSTER offer service of DVR/NVR LOGO customization.
    ENSTER offer service of DVR/NVR LOGO customization.
  • Share me your brand and we will help you to make VMS with your brand
    Share me your brand and we will help you to make VMS with your brand


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