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1) Preparation

Please download the mobile APP ---- XMEYE from Google play, APP Store or Scan the QR Code to download from our website.


2) Login the APP

You can login the APP by 2 ways:

Way A: “Local Login” directly, recommend.

Way B: Register your own account to login.

See below:


3) Add Cameras to APP

Click the “+” on right corner.

Click “Manual Add”, fill in the Device Name(Any is OK), fill in the Serial ID, then OK.

Remind: for fast add Serial ID, we provide QR Code on our website, you can scan it directly from APP.


QR Code of the Serial ID:

Please check this page: http://www.enster.com/online-demo/

4) View the online Camera

After added the camera, then double click to view on Mobile phone. OK


Download the Manual in PDF: By APP

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