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Sometimes when we use our IP Camera, DVR, NVR we may forget the password due to some reasons. But how could we do to reset the password? This below steps and tools may help you:

Step 1) Use Tool "Device Manager" to check the device's IP address. Please keep your PC the same LAN network with the device.
Step 2) Use Tool "Open Telnet" to open the device's Telnet.(Put in IP address and click Telnet)
Step 3) Use Tool "Reset Config" to reset the device to factory default setting. (Put in IP address and click Reset)

After finished these steps successfully, the device will be default factory settings:
IP address is:
Login name is: admin
Password: blank, no password.
Then, you can reset new password for your devices.

You may download the above mentioned tools here: Reset Tools.

Important Notice:
All the above mentioned tools and manual steps only support devices from Enster company. If your device is from different vendors, you would need to contact the seller where you purchased your devices from. Thank you!

For any further questions, please contact us: [email protected]

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